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Liberal Learning

Liberal Learning program requirements are detailed on The College’s Liberal Learning website (

TCNJ students can complete the liberal learning breath requirement in one of three ways:
Option A – complete an approved 6-8 course interdisciplinary concentration
Option B – complete a self-designed 6-8 course interdisciplinary concentration
Option C – complete a 9 course set of distribution requirements

Because engineering major requirements fulfill 6 approved distribution courses, Option C would require engineering majors to complete at most 3 additional courses to fulfill Liberal Learning requirements.  This can be achieved as follows:

Arts & Humanities (3 Courses) TST 161/Creative Design
IDS 252/Society, Ethics & Technology
Elective: Literary, Visual & Performing Arts  or World Views and Ways of Knowing category
Social Sciences & History
(3 Courses)
ECO 101/Microeconomics
Elective: Social Change in Historical Perspectives category
Elective: Behavioral, Social or Cultural Perspectives or Social Change in Historical Perspectives category
Natural Science & Quantitative Reasoning
(3 Courses)
CHE 201/General Chemistry I
MAT 127/Calculus A
PHY 201/General Physics I
Intellectual & Scholarly Growth FSP 1xx/First Seminar
WRI 102/Academic Writing (if required)
Engineering Laboratories
Senior Project or Capstone course
Information Literacy IDS 102/Information Literacy Proficiency


The above three mentioned electives must also fulfill the following Civic Responsibilities

  1. Race & Ethnicity

  2. Gender

  3. Global Awareness

Liberal Learning courses may fulfill none, one or two civic responsibilities. Engineering majors must fulfill the three civic responsibilities with their three Liberal Learning electives (It is important to note that the FSP 1xx/First Seminar can also count towards one of the three Liberal Learning electives).

A list of all approved Liberal Learning courses and what Civic Responsibilities they satisfy can be found in the following URL:


FSP course counts towards one of the Liberal Learning elective requirements listed in the table above.  The FSP course number  identifies which Liberal Learning category and civic responsibilities are fulfilled by the course as follows:

Liberal Learning Category

Civic Responsibilities


Race & Ethnicity


Global Awareness

Community Engagement

Literary, Visual & Performing Arts

FSP 101

FSP 102

FSP 103

FSP 104

FSP 105

World Views & Ways of Knowing

FSP 111

FSP 112

FSP 113

FSP 114

FSP 115

Behavioral, Social, and Cultural Perspectives

FSP 121

FSP 122

FSP 123

FSP 124

FSP 125

Social Change in Historical Perspectives

FSP 131

FSP 132

FSP 133

FSP 134

FSP 135

Natural Science

FSP 141

FSP 142

FSP 143

FSP 144

FSP 145

Quantitative Reasoning

FSP 151

FSP 152

FSP 153

FSP 154

FSP 155

For example, FSP 132 fulfills the Behavioral, Social or Cultural Perspectives requirement, as well as the Race & Ethnicity civic responsibility.

Students must check with PAWS to ensure that seats are available in the offered sections

Some students are exempt from WRI 102/Academic Writing.