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Organizations & Societies

TCNJ’s multi-faceted engineering students are active in a wide range of activities—from professional associations to the arts. TCNJ has over one hundred active organizations on campus. We encourage our students to follow their passions and get involved.

ASCE – American Society of Civil Engineers

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Horst

Working to inform students about the Civil Engineering profession, develop leadership and career skills, and promote the ideals of the ASCE—the nation’s oldest professional engineering society.

» Visit TCNJ ASCE Chapter Website

Organizations & Societies

ASEM – American Society for Engineering Management

Helping to build professional engineering management knowledge and skills, and keep up to date on the latest engineering management trends and best practices.

» Visit the TCNJ ASEM Chapter Website

Organizations & Societies

ASME – American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Faculty Advisor: Professor Bijan Sepahpour

Aiming to share, educate, and celebrate mechanical engineering with the TCNJ community through hosting tours, workshops, technical seminars, professional dinners and more.

» Visit the TCNJ ASME Chapter Website

Organizations & Societies

BMES – Biomedical Engineering Society

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Constance Hall

Promoting and sharing knowledge of the profession of biomedical engineering through study, research, and discussion of the field.

Organizations & Societies

Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honor Society

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Vedrana Krstic

Dedicated to the purpose of maintaining and promoting the status of civil engineering as an ideal profession.

» Visit the TCNJ CEHS Chapter Website

Organizations & Societies

IEEE- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Orlando Hernandez

Introducing students to the various fields within the electrical and computer engineering disciplines, as well as providing social and networking opportunities among students and experts in the field.

» Visit the TCNJ IEEE Chapter Website

Organizations & Societies

IEEE- Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) Honor Society

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Al Katz

Promoting excellence in the profession and in education through an emphasis on scholarship, character, and attitude.

Organizations & Societies

NSBE – National Society of Black Engineers

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ambrose Adegbege

Furthering our mission to increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the environment.

» Visit the TCNJ NSBE Chapter Website

Organizations & Societies

SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers

Collaborating to stay up to date on the latest field advances, plus create, design, compete and succeed in automotive engineering competitions.

» Visit the TCNJ SAE Chapter Website

Organizations & Societies

SES – STEM Educators Society

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Manuel Figueroa

Actively promoting the learning and exploration of the Math/Science/Technology and Technological Education world through competitions, workshops, and trips.

» Visit the TCNJ SES Chapter Website

Organizations & Societies

SHPE – Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Martha Stella

Raising awareness, providing access, and preparing Hispanic students and professionals to become leaders in the STEM field.

Organizations & Societies

SWE – Society of Women Engineers

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Wang

Encouraging women to achieve their full potential as engineers—expanding the image of the engineering profession and demonstrating the value of diversity.

Organizations & Societies

Tau Beta Pi: The Engineering Honor Society

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Al Katz

Establishing a tradition of greatness in the School of Engineering by excelling academically, while demonstrating qualities of leadership and service.

» Visit the TCNJ Tau Beta Pi Chapter Website

Organizations & Societies

TCNJ Humanitarian Engineering

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Horst

Promoting international awareness and responsibility through the completion of engineering projects designed to improve standards of living in developing communities worldwide.

» Visit the TCNJ Humanitarian Engineering Chapter Website

Organizations & Societies

TCNJ Robotics Club (RoC)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Seung-yun Kim

Exposing individuals to the interesting field of robotics by teaching members how to program and construct robots.

» Visit the TCNJ RoC Chapter Website

Organizations & Societies

TCNJ Women Engineers in Computer & Electrical Engineering (WE-CEE)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mahrukh Khan

Providing a welcoming environment for women in computer and electrical engineering with professional development activities, alumni connections, technical seminars, and bonding opportunities.

» Visit the TCNJ Women Engineers in Computer & Electrical Engineering Website

Organizations & Societies


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