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Governance Information


School of Engineering Governance Document

Curriculum Committee

The role of the School of Engineering Curriculum Committee (CC) is defined in the School of Engineering Governance document.  It is charged with making recommendations concerning curricular issues related to improving the quality of the academic mission of the School. The Committee is responsible for reviewing recommendations from Departmental Curriculum Committees and other sources concerning new programs, nature of degrees, program structure, new or revised course proposals, prerequisites, or other issues deemed appropriate.

The CC is composed of eight members; five voting faculty members representing each department in the School of Engineering, two non-voting students, and the assistant dean serving as the dean’s ex officio representative.

The CC meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month.  If the 4th Wednesday falls on a holiday/vacation day, the CC will meet in the 2nd Wed that month.  Departmental requests must be submitted to the CC Chair one week in advance of the meeting for consideration.

  • Michael Horst, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
  • Larry Pearlstein, Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • George Facas, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Christopher Wagner, Chair, Biomedical Engineering
  • Manuel Figueroa, Chair, Integrative STEM Education
  • Joyce Vilson (2022), Biomedical Engineering
  • Zindy Diaz (2022), Biomedical Engineering

Relevant Information:

TCNJ Shared Governance

Course Approval Information

Other Policies related to Programs, Majors, and Minors

Program Standards Committee

  • Andrew Bechtel, Chair, Civil Engineering
  • Ambrose Adegbege, Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Mohammed Alabsi, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Constance Hall, Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Melissa Zrada, Assistant Professor, Integrative STEM Education
  • Martha Stella, Assistant Dean

Safety Committee

  • Nabil Al-Omaishi, Professor, Civil Engineering
  • Orlando Hernandez, Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Bijan Sepahpour, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Anthony Lau, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Tanner Huffman, Assistant Professor, Integrative STEM Education
  • Joseph Zanetti, Professional Services Specialist
  • Mike Steeil, Instrumentation and Laboratory Specialist
  • Brian Wittreich, Laboratory Technician
  • Grace Matassa (2022), Biomedical Engineering
  • Dev Desai (2021), Biomedical Engineering

Committee for Strategic Plan Implementation

  • Thomas Brennan, Professor, Civil Engineering
  • Anthony Deese, Chair, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Karen Yan, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Xuefeng Wei, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Manuel Figueroa, Chair, Integrative STEM Education
  • Andrew Ralea (2022), Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Fabian Mestanza-Bances (2022), Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Anastasia Kodak (2022), Biomedical Engineering

Steering Committee

  • Allen Katz, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Manish Paliwal, Chair, Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Research Prize Committee

  • Vedrana Krstic, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
  • Jennifer Wang, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Matthew Cathell, Associate Professor, Integrative STEM Education


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