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About the School of Engineering

Engineers are the ultimate problem solvers. Our programs educate and mentor creative thinkers, innovators, and well-informed citizens by engaging students in real-world research led by inspiring teacher-scholars. Students here are passionate about engineering, while also embracing other interests and aptitudes in a broad liberal arts education—opening doors to a diversity of career opportunities.

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Distinctive Experiences

Dean Steven Schreiner

A note from Dean Schreiner

Welcome! This is a community of innovative thinkers led by expert teacher-scholars who mentor our students to thrive in the lab—and beyond. Our faculty is passionate about engineering education, emphasizing quality over quantity in research and design. As a result, our students develop the strong critical and technical skills to pursue a variety of careers in engineering, education, law and medicine. Interested in joining us? We want to hear from you!

– Steven Schreiner, Dean