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Teacher Education Programs

In the School of Engineering, we believe the best teachers bring the passions and perspectives of the scientist and the engineer to the classroom. Our aspiring teachers learn STEM by asking questions, conducting research, and sharing knowledge—in the lab and in the field.

Our curriculum is designed around hands-on engagement, with STEM considered a quest for the unknown rather than a course in the known. It’s an outlook that our graduates can then pass on to their own students, in their own classrooms.

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Integrative STEM Education

This STEM-based program focuses on the impact that technology and engineering have on individuals, civilization and environment, thus shaping the quest for solutions. Society needs teachers, especially at the K-6 level, who can help young learners understand STEM principles, technological forces, and design. There are five K-6 education majors: Deaf & Hard of Hearing; Early Childhood; Elementary Education; Special Education; and Urban Education.
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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Technology /Pre-Engineering Education

We live in an age of rapidly evolving technology. This STEM-based program explores on the roles of technology and engineering in today’s society and in the thirst for new solutions. Our students graduate as educators and professionals who understand technological forces and design, and strive to help their own students comprehend, appreciate, and apply those principles.
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Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Integrative-STEM

This program offers an intellectually stimulating course of graduate study which provides in-service teachers with a command of current, integrative, design-centric teaching and learning methods applicable across PK-12 grade levels.
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