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First Year Design Showcase: Spring 2019

During the first year at TCNJ, all engineering students take ENG 142 – Fundamentals of Engineering Design.

Fundamentals of Engineering Design provides an introduction to the study of engineering design and the fundamental skill-sets used in the design process. Topics include team dynamics, effective oral and written communication, spatial visualization, and problem solving/engineering design process. These topics are practiced through team-based projects and interactive activities. Breakout sessions specific to each discipline cover additional appropriate topics, providing an overview of several areas of engineering outside of the declared major.

Freshmen complete a Student Design Showcase Project and present their projects at the end of the semester. The Spring 2019 problem statement was to “Design and build a table top toy using recycled materials for a specific age group that is creative, fun to play, and utilizes both luck and skill.” Below is a list of the teams from the Spring 2019 semester.

Grand Prize: BILT aMAZEing
Isabella Corry, Bryce Totten, Thomas Trainor, Louis Truppa

Innovative Design: LED Finger Race
Eileen Hennessy, Steven Schwab, Brett Murphy, Adam Musa, Andrew Majowicz

Best Craftsmanship Design: Basketball Game
Aaron B. Cassius, Joshua R. Doss, Austin Paul, John P. Prioli, Jacob J. Ringers

Dean’s Award and Most Marketable Design: Cheese-O-mania
Tatiana Lukianov, Christian Martinez-Garcia, Fabian Mestanza, Lewis Mora

Best Presentation: Fishing Frenzy
Bridget Bergen, Sterling White, Frankie Mesa, Ishan Lyn

Cup Shot
Michael Rosati, Jack Tomkiel, Joshua Minick, Chiara Abreo, Vera Chaudhri

Table Twister
Jonathon R. Borgognoni, Zackary R. Hirschman, Christina G. Reichwald, Taylor M. Stafford, Kevin G. Xie

Balls Baby!
Daniela Cuacuamoxtla, Daniel Geissler, Cristian Huertas, Aliza Kazmi

Wall Ball
Sarah Esposito, Thomas Smith, Lucas Austin, Francis Moran, Brandon Christian

Frank D. Donato, Julissa Feliz, Leah M. Feliz, John P. Taylor, Beverly E. Yow

Joseph Cruciata, Brett Flynn, Drayen Glover, Maxwell Lobben, Michael Ralea

Quahog 5 Foosball
Sophie Olsen, Darsheet Patel, Dylan Peck, Ahsan Qureshi

Triple Threat Hoops
Christopher Cassini, Eli Gabriel, Jack Ennis, Cathy Newman, Conner Stine

Bounce N’ Score
Vidhi Patel, Jermar Best, Ali Kaleem, Brandon D’oleo

Handheld Maze Game
Talaal Ahmad, Aidan Brendan Gorman, Jonathan P. Karcher, Matthew Alexander Leggett, Brian A. Slack

Pebble Royale
Oliver Cheung, Andrew Zhao, Mikhael Kdyrkaev, Jacob Siwek, Shivangi Kumari

Titan Tower
Kevin J. Broskie, Joshua Charley, Michael Erickson, Cesar A. Garriga, Daniel Villardi

Celeste Rodriguez, Emma Argenal, Bryan Tran, Zach Leong

Andrew Picasso, Bryan Remache-Patino, Kevin Rodriguez, Lindsey Rotoly

Kick It
Thomas Buckley, Lauren Cammarata, Joseph Colon, Gilberto Torres


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The College of New Jersey
P.O. Box 7718
2000 Pennington Rd.
Ewing, NJ 08628


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