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Surveying/ Transportation Laboratory

The Surveying/Transportation Laboratory provides students with hands-on experience to supplement instruction in the undergraduate surveying and transportation courses. The laboratory is equipped with the following surveying equipment: seven level packages including automatic levels and 16 feet long fiberglass level rods,  seven field computers for data collection, one digital level package with digital leveling rod, and seven extended range reflector-less survey stations with on board memory, laser plummet and standard on board programs, fourteen all-in-one prism sets, two 15 1/2”-diameter measuring wheels, seven long-range wireless radio sets, two handheld GPS units with integrated wireless radio and altimeter, and a variety of miscellaneous measuring and marking equipment. The following transportation equipment is available: two pneumatic-tube based automatic traffic data collectors, two radar guns for speed detection, and seven computer stations equipped with InRoads highway design software, Synchro/SimTraffic and TSIS/CORSIM traffic simulation software, and HCS+/TRANSYT-7F network evaluation and modeling software. The laboratory is also equipped with a full-size color plotter.