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Circuits & Electronics Laboratory

The Circuits and Electronics Labs are used for ENG 214, ELC 333, and ELC 383 for the purpose of measuring basic electrical components, DC and AC circuits, and integrated circuits (ICs) using computer controlled test equipment.  Each lab has 12 workstations with a Dell PC and one National Instruments VirtualBench, which provides oscilloscope, basic spectrum analyzer, function generator, power supplies, logic analyzer and multimeter.  The teaching lab for ELC 373 adds Rigol DS4022 200 MHz, 4 Gsa/s digital oscilloscope, Rigol DG4162 160 MHz function generator and Rigol DSA815 1.5 GHz spectrum analyzer at each workstation.  Software consists of Cadence PSpice, National Instruments LabVIEW, and Microsoft Excel.

Hands-on experience in a fully equipped electrical circuits & electronics laboratory will prepare you to enter the job market with valuable skills.



Armstrong Hall, Room 165
The College of New Jersey
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