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Bioinstrumentation Laboratory

The bioinstrumentation laboratory provides students with equipment and supplies for studying, designing, and applying instrumentation to obtain data as part of the scientific method. This lab is specifically used for taking measurements in the health and biomedical sciences. The student workstations are complete instrumentation lab benches, data acquisition, and computer data analysis stations featuring Agilent 60-MHz oscilloscopes, 20 MHz programmable function/arbitrary waveform generators, and 6.5 digit digital multimeters. The stations also include 0-30V/0-5A triple output power supplies and custom portable bioamplifiers for biopotential measurements. Each workstation computer (PC) is equipped with a National Instruments multifunction 12-bit analog and digital input/output board driven by MATLAB and LabVIEW software packages for data acquisition, processing, analysis, and the development of virtual bioinstrumentation. The laboratory is supplemented with a Beckman spectrophotometer for studying absorbance and transmittance, as well as enzyme kinetics and quantitation and analysis of protein and nucleic acids, a benchtop pH meter for electrode and pH sensor design and analysis, and other equipment such as an analytical balance, centrifuge, and light microscope for sample preparation and analysis.



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