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Aero Design Team Competes in International Design Competition

On April 21-23rd the TCNJ Aero Design Team, comprised of five Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management seniors, competed in the SAE Aero Design East Competition in Lakeland, FL.  This competition featured 70 teams from 10 countries, which were entered in three categories having different mission requirements.  TCNJ competed in the Advanced Class, in which the plane must fly at an altitude of at least 100 ft and drop humanitarian packages (2 pound bags of sand) onto a target using a first person view camera system.  The team also delivered an oral presentation and had submitted a detailed technical report, both of which were scrutinized by engineers at Lockheed Martin.  The team successfully lifted a total weight of 30 pounds, including the plane’s weight, and dropped three packages near the target.  Prior to competition, the plane was flight tested by the Mercer County Radio Control Society, which has generously provided pilot support to the team over the years.