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First Year Engineering Design Showcase Fall 2015

During the first year at TCNJ, all engineering students take ENG 142 – Fundamentals of Engineering Design.

Fundamentals of Engineering Design provides an introduction to the study of engineering design and the fundamental skill-sets used in the design process. Topics include team dynamics, effective oral and written communication, spatial visualization, and problem solving/engineering design process. These topics are practiced through team-based projects and interactive activities. Breakout sessions specific to each discipline cover additional appropriate topics, providing an overview of several areas of engineering outside of the declared major.

Freshmen complete a Student Design Showcase Project as part of this course. Below are the winners and pictures of the participating students in the Fall 2015 Design Showcase.

DSC_6732 Grand Prize: The Gear Alarm

by Jeff Kolodziej, Mary Lenyo, Richard Bustamante, and Peter Salugao

DSC_6728 “Innovative Design” Award: Just In Time

by Jonathan Granaldi, Andrew Ziemer, Patrick Stefanacci, and Bilarie Rivage

DSC_6725 “Most Marketable Design” Award: SMA(r)T Alarm

by Micah Lind, Tyler Gang, Samah Mubin, and Anthony Russo

DSC_6723 “Best Craftsmanship Design” Award: The Remind-a-Horn

by Jennifer Puschak, Austin Perrault, Angelo Stefoni, and Kyronne Drakeford

DSC_6719 “Best Presentation” Award: Duo Drop

by Samantha Moorzitz, Philip Franco, Anthony Laregina, and Samuel Maquet

DSC_6734 Dean’s Award: Valkyrie Technology

by Jacob Bennedsen, Nishma Shah, Kyle Skelly, and William Walker


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