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Posture Deviation Detection System


  1. Alex Crane
  2. Krishna Doppalapudi
  3. John O’Leary
  4. Patrick Ozarek

Advisor: Dr. C. Wagner

Maintaining proper posture is a simple and effective way to keep the back healthy. Extended periods of poor posture may lead to unnecessary muscle strain and unhealthy spine stress. Over time, the anatomical characteristics of the spine can change, which may cause blood vessel and nerve constriction as well as muscle, disk, and joint troubles. These issues are important contributors to back and neck pain, as well as numerous other ailments such as headaches, fatigue, and breathing problems. The JPAK Posture Sensor Device will be designed to let the user know precisely when they are deviating from the neutral spine/neutral hip condition (proper posture). The design will utilize multiple inertial sensors to calculate specific spinal angles and measurements. It will then report easy to understand values to the user via a wireless graphic interface. All circuitry will be embedded in a comfortable, adjustable vest that can be worn as an undershirt. The prototype device will be evaluated for function, comfort, and versatility in the clinical setting. Ultimately, the device seeks to build muscle memory, so that the user can maintain proper posture without using the device.

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