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Arm Prosthesis with Interactive Neural Input Device


  1. Danny Chang
  2. Ian Hinnenkamp
  3. Ashray Jha

Advisor: X. Wei

Individuals who require an upper limb prosthetic are in the millions at this point in time. However current technologies for upper limb prosthetics are very rigid, mechanical and not aesthetically pleasing. In order to mediate this problem research has been done in creating a neuroprosthetics (thought controlled prosthetic) to bridge the gap between man and machine while appealing to the human aspect to the prosthesis. It is our goal to create a fully functional prosthetic arm that can articulate in 2 degrees of motion (up-down; torque in left-right) and a hand that can grip based on thought processes taken from an EEG. The plan of assault is a 4-step process; signal acquisition from EEG, signal processing, converting the signal, and using the converted signal to create mechanical movement. Currently the solid works model of the arm and hand, novel circuitry, and basic signal acquisition has been completed. Prototype arms have been made to represent the hinge joint at the elbow, but torque has not been perfected. Work on integration of the mechanical aspect to the electrical component via signal stimulation is still required to be completed, C++ arduino coding is slowly being created and physical creation of circuitry is being created.

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