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Bass River Bridge Project

By: Michael Berti, Catherine Brabston, Matthew Della-Croce, Kristen Harding & Nicholas Izzo(PM)                                        
Advisers: Dr. V. Krstic, Dr. N. Al-Omaishi & Dr. M. Horst

The Bass River Bridge Project is part of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority’s widening project along the Garden State Parkway from Interchange 30 to Interchange 80.  A new three lane, multi-girder bridge over the Bass River is being proposed in the northbound direction.  It will be located adjacent to the existing Bass River structure, which will be rehabilitated with the intent to carry all traffic in the southbound direction.  The design goal of the project is to provide a geotechnical, hydrologic, and structural design for the new Bass River Bridge.  The geotechnical analysis included a subsurface analysis and an approach embankment design.  Nine soil layers including 3 cohesive layers and 6 granular layers were identified. Of the cohesive layers, the top cohesive layer is organic and will govern the design of the embankment.  The hydrologic team delineated a watershed and found that the water shed area was 13.13 square miles.  Snyders Method, SCS Regressional Approach, and SCS Segmental Approach were used to calculate the lag times of the watershed, which were 9.05 hours, 6.18 hours, and 1.8 hours, respectively.  The lag times were used to determine the most critical peak flow of the watershed using HEC-HMS. The structural design consisted of a load analysis and the selection of a steel main span interior girder.  Seven girders were chosen to support the loads of the bridge and a reinforced concrete deck will be utilized.   The subsurface soil profile of the area was developed, a bridge cross section was created, and a watershed analysis was completed for the project area.

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