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Nasogastric Rehydration System


By: Gaby Bravaco, Josh Min, Jon Gabriel, Pam Hitscherich & Paige Reinhardt

Advisers: Dr. C. Wagner & D. Silberman (MD Advisor)

Dehydration takes the lives of over 2.2 million people and is the second leading cause of death in children worldwide.  Dehydration has a variety of causes including diarrheal disease and cholera. Current intravenous (IV) rehydration methods do not fit the clinical need in disaster-ridden areas or developing countries. In these areas IV fluids, sterile needles, and reliable power sources for IV pumps are often unavailable.  Those who do receive IV fluids also run the risk of infection with deadly diseases. There is a need for a hydration method that does not require sterilization, expensive fluids or constant monitoring. An inexpensive, lightweight, and portable device was designed to provide a reliable, durable and programmable system to rehydrate patients through a self-contained, nasogastric pump system. This device will be easy to use and has the option of running on solar, AC or battery power. Using patient characteristics and measured values, the system will adjust fluid flow according to hydration needs. Currently, the device has been designed and the materials have been selected. Upon completion, it is expected that the Nasogastric Rehydration System will be able to achieve all of the aforementioned goals and will be an option for mass production and distribution to the target areas.

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