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MUSE Research: Wireless Relay Controller for Smart Electric Power System Laboratory

Computer Engineering student Tyler Wardlow ’13 collaborated with Assistant Professor Dr. Anthony S. Deese to design and implement a hardware switch for the School of Engineering’s new Smart Electric Power Systems Laboratory. He was part of TCNJ’s MUSE research program, and was one of over eighty projects accomplished this summer.

The Smart Electric Power Systems Laboratory was purchased by the School of Engineering through a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant and is planned to be used in electrical engineering labs to teach students about power systems. The hardware includes generators, transformers, transmission lines, and, synchronous and induction motors; these are all used to physically simulate a large electric power system. Tyler’s circuit will allow for quick and wireless switching between load and system configurations. Future plans for the project will allow for data acquisition and the creation of a hub controller for a wider range of testing. He is currently a senior project team working to achieve these goals.

Tyler greatly appreciated Dr. Deese‘s guidance, the MUSE program for this opportunity and the NSF for its generous grant. He was ecstatic to work in a field of study that he is interested in and to see his project be further used in the School of Engineering.  Information about applying to the MUSE program and a list of other MUSE projects can be found here:



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