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Thailand Water Tower Project

By: Stephen Bonk (PM), Kevin Dischino & Joseph Moore                                                                              

Advisers: Dr. M. Horst, Dr. V. Krstic & Dr. N. Al-Omaishi

The overall goal of the Thailand Water Supply System project was to pump, store and distribute water to Hantham Village in Longkhot Thailand. The village encompasses 453 people living in 159 households. The first portion of the project was to design a pumping system to push water from an existing well to a series of storage tanks. The second segment  was to design both the storage tanks and a concrete slab foundation to support these tanks. Finally, the third part of the project was to design a distribution system to provide each of the 159 households with water. The storage tanks designed were located such that the difference in elevation between the tanks and the highest point on the distribution system is 3.99 meters.  This provides the highest point on the distribution system with 4 psi under dynamic conditions during the maximum hourly demand for the year. A soil sample was collected on an assessment trip in May 2012, which was analyzed and determined to be clayey or silty sand with a unit weight of 105 lb/ft3 and an angle of friction equaling 30o. The percent of clay in the Thailand soil sample was found to be 16.75 %. The bearing capacity of the soil was calculated to be 13 ksf. There will be three different types of piping, the main line, the pipes on each of the small roadways, and the pipes branching into each individual house. The preliminary design of the upper portion of the village, which includes 30 houses, was found to have total headlosses of 3.025 feet or 0.079 feet, if 1” or 2” diameter piping is used, respectively.  The senior project group is anticipating traveling to the village in May 2013 to implement the design. This system will provide enough water so that the villagers no longer have an inadequate supply during their dry season. The group will also be making a universal Operations and Maintenance Manual which can be read and understood by the villagers.

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