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Student Awarded IEEE Scholarship


Electrical engineering senior Katalin Frolio has been awarded the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) undergraduate scholarship for her research in high frequency and RF circuit design. The focus of Katalin’s research is the design and verification of specialized test equipment (STE) to support the production of linearized block up-converters (L-BUCs). L-BUCs are key components used in satellite communication, and Katalin’s research will help improve the transfer of signals from satellites to various receivers, improving signal strength and reducing production costs. Mentored by Dr. Allen Katz, the ultimate goal of her research is to optimize the STE design process and develop the proposed model into practical product ready for production and submit her work for publication. The details of Katalin’s research can be found at the MTT-S website. Katalin plans to continue her research as a graduate student while pursuing a Ph.D. in electrical engineering.