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New ECE Research Track

The Electrical and Computer Engineering department is excited to present its Research Track option for Computer and Electrical Engineering students. This option will allow students who are interested in attending graduate school, or having a more research oriented curriculum, to have a more focused and unique undergraduate experience.  The goal of the program is help students develop strong research skills and become highly desirable graduate candidates.

Entrance into the track is open to sophomores during the fall. Students will then start Mentored Research, which involves taking four semesters of research over two years. During Mentored Research students are expected to spend about 6 hours per week on research, produce interim reports at the end of the semester, and present a poster for TCNJ’s Student Achievement day. Students will additionally participate in MUSE research during the summers, after their sophomore and junior years, as well as work with faculty to submit a paper to a recognized journal or conference.

More information about this track can be found here.