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ECE Students Publish Senior Project Research

Matt (Right) Dr. Katz (Middle), and Chris (Left)

TCNJ alumni Christopher Brinton and Matthew Wharton ’11 along with Professor Dr. Allen Katz recently published a paper entitled “Design of a Passive Broadband Equalizer for a SLED” in Microwave Journal. The paper is based on Chris and Matthew’s senior design project and describes a small scale and cost effective means of handling and correcting distortion in a super luminescent light emitting diode (SLED). This technology increases the amount of information sent through fiber optic lines, and with its low cost, would be very useful to communication companies. The College is proud of its alumni who continue to forward the prestige of its engineering programs. Currently Chris is working towards a PhD at Princeton University and Matthew is working for Jersey Central Power & Light.

To read the paper on the Microwave Journal site click here.